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| Our Concept

Aiming at Stable Management
Based on Our Corporate Ideal.

Our company, a dedicated manufacturer of Control Cables, has been producing high quality products and obtaining big reliance from the custmers for over 40 years.

We focus our energy on developing high function products that best meet today's requirements by promptly responding to changes in the industrial structure and in users' needs, and we strive to improve our competitive edge by establishing a more efficient production system.

The economy seems destined to move in cycles, from good times to bad times, from peak to trough. A company's true capability is tested during times of recession. We hope to contribute to society by offering high quality products featuring all reguisite functions by relying on our corporate ideal and by doing what we know best.



1. We will develop and supply wires and cables that
    surpass international standards.
2. As a dedicated manufacturer of slim cables, we
    will create a lean system to better serve our
3. We aim to be number one in our field.

| Our Products

Automobile Cable Condit outercasing

Straight Shield Outercasing
Slim type Shield Outercasing

Taping Outercasing

Hybrid Cable(Slim & Lightweight)

Spring outercasing

Spring Outercasing for pull type

Coil Spring

Inner cables

Super Durable Inner Cable for window regulator
Inner Cable for Derailleur
Inner Cables for pull type & push-pull type
Trunk opener
Fuel lid opener

Trunk & Fuel lid opener
Hood lock
Door lock

Shift lock
Key interlock
Parking brake
Steering lock
Bicycle Cable
Front brake
Rear brake

Agricultural Machinery Cable
Main clutch
Side clutch

Throttle control
Transplant clutch
Manure clutch

| Data

Company outline


Company name
Annual turnover
Head Office, Factory

: Nippon Flex Controls Corp.
: Eiichi Teraura

: ¥83.49 million
March 23, 1962
¥4.0 billion
64, 3-Chome, Higashi-
  Arioka Itami, Hyogo-Pref,
  664-0845, JAPAN

  TEL, 072-782-6521

Head office and Itami Factory

Yamasaki Factory

Nichifule Chigusa Corporation

Nichifule Shimane Corporation

1962 : Tera Flex Corporation established.
1964 : Initiated a new method for manufacturing
          cable ends by means of die casting.
1972 : Company name changed to Nippon Flex
          Controls Corp.
1987 : Developed robot control cables, a buried
          pipe flaw detection system, a cord-through
          device for Agricultural machinery and the
          cable tire chain.
1991 : Yamasaki new factory inaugurated.
1996 : Developed a interlock system for automobile
          and Hybrid cable.
1997 : Developed a flexible Shield Outercasing.
1999 : Eiichi Teraura is inaugurated as the
          president. Mass-producing a super durable
          and flexible inner cable.
2000 : Mass-producing a Grease-in Outercasing.
2002 : License acquisition of ISO 9001.
          Developed a super slim type Shield Outer-
2003 : Developed a high performance Spring Outer-
          casing and super lightweight Spring Outer-
          casing for bicycle.


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