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1. We will develop and supply wires and cables that surpass international standards. 2. As a dedicated manufacturer of slim cables, we will create a lean system to better serve our customers. 3. We aim to be number one in our field.

Our Concept

Aiming at Stable Management Based on Our Corporate Ideal.

Our Products

Automobile Cable

Bicycle Cable

Agricultural Machinery Cable

Shield outercasing

Condit outercasing
Condit outercasing

Spring outercasing

Spring outercasing
Spring outercasing

Inner cable

Company Profile

Company name Nippon Flex Controls Corp.
President Eiichi Teraura
Capital ¥83.49 million
Established March 23, 1962
Employees 140
Annual turnover ¥3.0 billion
Head Office, Factory 64, 3-Chome, Higashi-Arioka Itami, Hyogo-Pref, 664-0845, JAPAN
TEL, 072-782-6521

Company Histry

1962 Tera Flex Corporation established.
1964 Initiated a new method for manufacturing cable ends by means of die casting.
1972 Company name changed to Nippon Flex Controls Corp.
1987 Developed robot control cables, a buried pipe flaw detection system, a cord-through device for Agricultural machinery and the cable tire chain.
1991 Yamasaki new factory inaugurated.
1996 Developed a interlock system for automobile and Hybrid cable.
1997 Developed a flexible Shield Outercasing.
1999 Eiichi Teraura is inaugurated as the president. Mass-producing a super durable and flexible inner cable.
2000 Mass-producing a Grease-in Outercasing.
2002 License acquisition of ISO 9001. Developed a super slim type Shield Outercasing.
2003 Developed a high performance Spring Outercasing and super lightweight Spring Outercasing for bicycle.
2006 Developed functional component for cultivator.
2008 Technical cooperation with Japanese company in China.
2010 Developed functional component for Improvement in attachment performance (one-touch-adjuster) Developed un-lock cable for the door of train.
2011 Mass-production ultra-slim cable for agricultural machinery.
2012 Mass-production particular cable for hydrant in tunnel.
2013 Licennse of Quality authorization factory for majar customer in agricultural industry.